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VISION: Community and Individual Transformation Through Multi-Service Social Impact Programming

DESCRIPTION: Kingdom Acts Foundation (KAF) is a registered Canadian charity involved in Community Development, Food Bank and Food Security, Youth Mentoring, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Addiction Counselling, Senior Support Initiatives, New Immigrants Resource Centre, Marriage and Family Therapy, Social Research, Women Empowerment, and many other Community Support Programs. KAF also executes comprehensive community development, capacity building and transformational programs among the BIPOC minority communities.

MANDATE: Kingdom Acts Foundation (KAF)Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion! - Bringing the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of colour) Communities Closer to Mainstream Social Services Delivery and Programming!

The marginalized and racialized BIPOC minority communities struggle under the heavy burden of unemployment, under-employment, housing challenges, mental health problems, food insecurity, and systemic barriers to accessing social services.

Kingdom Acts Foundation (KAF) seeks to tackle these multifaceted problems from an intersectoral and culturally appropriate lens recognizing the intersectionality of these inequities.

Inefficient new immigrant and refugee resettlement processes often lead to unemployment or under-employment, which translates to low income, food insecurity, mental health problems, family crisis, housing problems, and the increasing poverty rate among the BIPOC communities.

KAF’s mandate focuses on tackling these intersecting and interconnected problems together to bridge the gap caused by social-economic inequities while empowering the BIPOC communities to thrive and flourish.

The Foundation (KAF) serves the most vulnerable members of the BIPOC community which includes, the homeless, the drug addicts, seniors, new immigrants, single mothers/fathers, parents and children with special, veterans, youths and many more. KAF operates a Social Research Centre that conducts various Social Research Projects sponsored by other funding organizations and ministries of the Government of Canada.

Why Support KAF?

Support 24/7

KAF operates with integrity and provides regular and on-call supports to those in need in our community and beyond.

Seven days a week

KAF volunteers and management work everyday supporting, distributing food and other necesities, providing free counselling and psychotherapy without prejudice.

Committed to Service

KAF continues to maintain avowed commitment to community service, transparency in operations and dedication to best practices, ensuring that all donated items and funds are efficiently managed.

Love & Acceptance

KAF has its doors open to everyone and its arms stretched to show love, kindness and acceptance to the needy and the vulnerable members of our community.
  One System, Many Services
KAF Food Bank 
KAF Food Bank 
Free Service 
Food security is at the heart of what we do. We partner with donors to collect and distribute food items to the needy. 
KAF Community Resource Centre 
KAF Community Resource Centre 
Free Service 
KAF believes that youth empowerment, new immigrants integration services, Children summer schools and wellness coaching are essential for health, safety and security of the community
KAF Counselling Centre 
KAF Counselling Centre 
Free Service 
KAF offers family/couples therapy, premarital counselling, psychotherapy, addiction counselling, helping parents with at-risk children, mentoring, life-coaching, business consultancy, group counselling on depression, anxiety, etc! 
KAF Global Missions 
KAF Global Missions 
Free Service 
KAF supports other agencies, ministries, charities and initiatives within Canada and around the globe with similar missions and objectives.
  How we work

1. Contact us for Donations, Volunteering or Need Help

We will quickly get back to you within 24 hrs

2. We get in touch with you

We discuss ministry, delivery, service or volunteering details, shipping date, quantity or how you wish to donate

3. Delivery of items or Donation

We receive and acknowledge your donation, request to volunteer or an appointment to visit
   Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about the specifics of the services, donations, or volunteering
How is KAF Funded? 
KAF receives funding from the local, provincial and federal governement, government agencies, businesses, other charities/organisations and individuals who believe in KAF's mission statements and objectives. 
Who Does KAF Service? 
KAF serves everyone regardless of race gender, political or sexual orientations, new immigrants, youths, children, seniors, veterans, students, the homeless, families and anyone in need of our services. 
How Does KAF Operate?
KAF's vision is to become a beacon of light and hope to the nations. We will continue to expand our services and operations to serve more people in more ways. We support the needy, serve the community, feed the hungry and offer hope to the hopeless.
We Love Our Volunteers!
Dedication, devotion, determination, and diligence are the keys to our efficiency and success. We have the best volunteers!
Excellent services! Hardwork and Willingness to give back to the community make volunteering in KAF a meaningful experience. 
The world needs healing, hope and love. At KAF, our volunteers are the most cheerful and giving persons you will ever meet. We love our volunteers ad our donors!